I like to use the Simple Lighbox WordPress Plugin to display a gallery of photos on a lot of projects. It’s fast, straightforward and produces a lightbox very quickly.
The Simple Lightbox WordPress plugin (an example shown below) will automatically resize correctly on all screen resolutions (is responsive), and allows for back and forth photo navigation. I especially like that you can upload any number of photos/images at one time, add captions and rearrange their order of appearance in WordPress’s native gallery feature.
The only thing that doesn’t look correct sometimes is the captions of the photos on the thumbnail version of the photos. I think it takes away from the esthetic look of most pages. Once the lighbox is activated though, I always want to show the captions.
For a simple solution I simply added this line of css code to my main WordPress theme stylesheet. All it does is ‘not display’ the caption on the thumbnails page that is generated. This code doesn’t interact with the captions that show up once the large photo slideshow starts.
#gallery-1 .gallery-caption { display: none !important; }
In the example below, notice there are no captions under the photos, until you click and get the larger photo.