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Send files from your computer to your phone with a click.

The easiest way to get links from your computer onto your phone

Pushbullet fro Android and Apple

For several months now I have been using a program called Pushbullet. In a nutshell, it allows you to move files between your android/apple devices to your tablet and computer and vice-versa.
I have been uploading photos automatically from my android phone to several cloud services; Dropbox and Google drive mainly. It’s nice as a fully automatic way of making sure that any photo you take is backed up to the cloud. But if I’m out and have taken a bunch of photos, that automatic backup process doesn’t really take place until I get to the office when I’m connected to a wi-fi connection. With pushbullet I can instantly select any photo, send it directly to my computer and it’s uploaded in a manner of moments. What’s has been real convenient is getting photos from my smartphone and computer onto my tablet. All I do is simply select the photo(s) and tell it to send to the tablet and it’s transferred very quickly.
The only apparent drawback I see at the moment as being an all in one solution is the fact that you can only push up to a 10mb file. Many videos and podcasts that I download from the Internet are much larger than the limit.
Text from your computer:
Another use which comes in real handy is when I’m sitting in the office I can receive notifications on my screen if I’m receiving a text or phone call. I can easily dismiss the notification and the cool thing is it takes the notification off my phone as well.
The Windows application is in beta at the moment, but as I said, I love it and have had no problems sending files back and forth.
With Pushbullet you can:
Send links between devices
Copy files to other devices
Send links to someone else’s phone
Initiate and respond to sms messages from your computer or tablet
Dismiss notifications from your computer or tablet
Create Pushbullet Recipes with IFTTT
Get notifications on your computer of calls and texts
and more…
For a good run down on some of the capabilities take a look at a recent Lifehackers Guide to Pushbullet post.
Other sources to take a look at Hongikat, PHAndroid has some a few item like IFTTT recipes, if your using Tasker and how to create a quick to do list.