Let’s Talk

A successful website presence has many moving parts. Our initial consultation with you will be to determine your needs, not to tell you what we can do. It doesn’t make any sense to try and dazzle you with industry buzzwords, jargon and tech speak. Quite frankly I doubt you really care what I know as much as you care for what I can do for your business. Measurable results are what I am looking for and hopefully you are too.
Once we have established your needs, then we’ll talk about how engaged you want to be in the ongoing maintenance and care of your website. It could be that you really only want to establish a presence with basic information about your company, it’s products and/or services. It could be more… with perhaps blogging as a backbone to display your companies talents and abilities on an ongoing basis. If you have someone in-house that wants to take over the maintenance of your website, I’ll provide that individual(s) with the training they need (if you can handle a word processing program you’re probably qualified). Or I can offer you virtual assistance where we take your content and do all the ‘dirty work’ of maintaining your site. It’s up to you.

Working on the Design

Once you have established a framework of what you want to achieve, we’ll start with some basic design layouts. I have almost exclusively been designing with the WordPress blogging platform. It’s a very powerful and intuitive platform that under the hood is more powerful and search engine friendly than coding up a website by hand. There are literally thousands of ‘themes’ that have been designed and are freely available to use as a starting point. We’ll work to create a design that is not only appealing to the eye, but search engine friendly and more importantly meets your goals and metrics.