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Any current issues with the server will be explained below the contact form.
If you have a connection problem (can’t see site or get email),¬† I suggest you goto before submitting this form and put the numbers in the comments box when submitting your support request. It may be that the server has banned your computer. With those IP numbers I will be able to tell if that’s the case and identify what needs to be done to fix the issue.
For my real estate clients:
If for some reason I have an issue with an IDX feed I’ll post it here if it’s going to take more than a couple of hours to find out why a particular data feed isn’t working. Even if you think I might know about it, go ahead and send me your information.
All other clients:
Leave me as much detail as you think I’ll need, (especially if it may take some research to answer you),¬† and I’ll get back to you usually within a couple of hours during the working day (MST).
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9/26/2014 E-Mail Being Returned – at 11:20am Resolved: 9:34pm MST 9/26/2014 Resolved
Clients Effected: Clients that pay CIOP for monthly hosting  are affected (not clients)
I was notified that our server was listed in the CBL data block. What this means is that any e-mail you send to the free hosting accounts (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc and some ISP’s) will not be delivered. We requested our IP be taken off the blacklist and expect our server to start sending email again to these services around 8:00pm MST friday evening.
9/11/2014 Server Upgrades Issues – Issue Importance to Everyone Resolved

Over this past week I’ve upgraded and added several security applications to our server. Part of the new upgrade at this moment is banning computers that try to (and fail) or otherwise try to overload our servers are banned from access to the server for 10 minutes.
If for some reason you suddenly can’t send or receive email it may be that you are getting banned for too many repeated requests to the server. This could happen for a number of reasons.
The first thing you should do is change your settings in your email program to quick checking email automatically. Each time you try anc check email and you fail it adds another failed attempt to the count and you may get banned. If this is the case I can look up your IP address and see if it’s being banned. Please goto and when you arrive on that page you’ll get a series of numbers such as, please let me know those numbers.
I have found too that if you’re email is set to check the server every minute this may also trigger the ban. You might want to turn off automatic email checking in your email program, or at the very least set it to check email every 5 minutes.


For setting up your email program to work with CIOPhosting servers, please see the E-Mail Settings Guide.