As a web designer, but foremost a business marketing and sale strategist I try to stay up with the latest fashions and the soup of the day to help my clients earn a better living from their online presence. It’s dizzying the amount of new technologies and techniques that come out on a daily basis.
There is one thing for sure, a lot of businesses are not yet embracing mobile versions for their websites, and it’s costing them a ton of money.
Mobile Online Usage
I was reading an article on How to Sell the Value of Mobile to Clients. The numbers are clear as reflected in the graphic shown above. If you hit up the article some of it talks about the design aspect of it (which is my job) but a couple of bullet points for you to ponder

There is more to just creating a mobile site. It’s making sure it’s marketed in the correct way to maximize it’s value. If you would like to discuss the various ways that I can help you implement a mobile strategy just give me a call at 719-569-0735 or Contact Me via Email.