Mobile Online Usage

As a web designer, but foremost a business marketing and sale strategist I try to stay up with the latest fashions and the soup of the day to help my clients earn a better living from their online presence. It’s dizzying the amount of new technologies and techniques that come out on a daily basis.… Read More

Ever wonder if anyone is really listening or interacting with your posts on Twitter? I’ll be the first to admit, that understanding the nuances of twitter is no easy conversation over a cup of coffee. It’s a fast moving timeline. This chart put together by Linchpin SEO might give you a few insights on what… Read More

Responsive Breakpoint Idea

When designing responsive websites it pays to know the various resolutions so you can create proper breakpoints in your design. Apple Apple Ipad 2 – 1024 x 768 at  at 132 ppi with a 9.7 inch display Apple Ipad with Retina display – 2048-x 1536 at 264 ppi with 9.7 inch display Apple Mini –… Read More

Is Facebook limiting views of posts

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that is starting to generate a lot of conversation on blogs and from industry heavyweights. The takeaway for small business owners is that Facebook shouldn’t be your website. Instead of trying to convince you I’ll give you an example below of why Facebook shouldn’t be your only window to the… Read More

A Responsive Wordpress Website for Real Estate Agents

71% of smartphone users search because of an ad they’ve seen either online or offline; 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads, 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones to help with shopping, and 88% of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within… Read More

For almost 15 years now I’ve heard web designers, business consultants and yes even entrepreneurs say that you can make a fortune on the Internet and it’s easy. Just follow these 4 simple steps. Like me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, link up with me on LinkedIn, and now pin my stuff on Pintrest.… Read More

You’ve heard the story of the plumber who couldn’t fix his own pipes? Not to disrespect plumbers with that comment, but it’s almost appropriate for our web site. For the past 9 years we’ve been heavily invested in helping real estate agents with a product that in the industry is known as IDX. IDX basically… Read More